Clinical Laboratory Scientist

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Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
Perform all laboratory testing, covering all levels of complexity necessary for diagnosis and treatment of patients at the request of attending physicians. Evaluate effects of drugs, gases, parasites, and microorganisms at various levels. Perform quality control procedures to ensure accuracy of clinical data. Review subsequent release of laboratory testing performed by Laboratory Technicians. Prepare and analyze organ tissue and cell samples to identify toxicity, bacteria, microorganisms, and cell structures. Utilize test reference ranges (including neonates, pediatric, and adult) to determine reasonableness of test results. Validate test results through correlation with test parameters (e.g. Hgb/Hct, anion gap, platelet count/smear, dipstick/micro etc.). Evaluate validity of test results; report results in a timely and accurate manner as substantiated by concurrent testing; confer with physicians, and others to develop health safety standards and public health improvement programs at the hospital. Perform routine preventative maintenance and troubleshooting on assigned instruments and equipment according to established schedule and procedure. Perform and document instrument function by checking and calibrating specific lab instruments. Perform tests and procedures in the lab sections of Hematology, Microbiology, Blood band, Serology, Immunology services; and train laboratory assistants on proper techniques/procedures related to clinical laboratory practice.
Requires: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Lab Science or Medical Technology, and 2 years Experience in job offered or as Medical Technologist or related laboratory or medical scientist occupation; and CA CLS license
Job site: 207 W. Legion Road, Brawley, CA 92227
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